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Product Development

Product Development

Product development is at the core of our abilities and expertise. We take our decades of knowledge and experience into every product we develop and the problems we solve. From concept design, full CAE capabilities, prototyping, testing, and production launch, our engineering team provides the most cost-effective, high performance, and ease of manufacture product design for all of our customers.

These products are typically highly technical composite parts involving fluid transfer.  However, we are problem solvers that will put all our efforts to provide the best product that meets all requirements.

”It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how

smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.”    - Richard Feynman

Analysis - Static & Dynamic CFD, Acoustic Tuning, FEA


We shorten your overall development cycle using our correlated CAE tools including radiated-noise analysis, hydrostatic burst pressure analysis, forced-vibration analysis, seal-load analysis, and fatigue analysis of plastic and metal parts.

Using our CAE methodology, specifically optimized for lightweighting, we are able to remove unnecessary weight from your parts – ultimately saving cost for you. 

The hardest part of doing CAE with Managed Programs? Getting our engineers to stop offering you options to make your parts better, lighter, and less expensive.



Our prototype offerings include:


Rapid Prototype

  • SLS

  • SLA

  • FDM Carbon filled Nylon

  • Machined composites

  • NylonMold™ Prototype parts (silicone molds)

  • Quick Delivery Mold (rapid machining, common tool mold bases)


Prototype Tooling

  • NylonMold™ Prototype parts (aluminum molds)

  • Aluminum or Steel Injection Mold Tooling

We are able to maximize the product development timeline by minimizing the prototype manufacturing timeline through accurate warpage analysis, highly skilled tool design, low cost tooling partners, and scientific molding practices that ensure parts to print with minimal tool debug.


We will work with you to determine the best prototyping approach to meet your part quantity, timing, cost and quality needs.



NylonMold is a low pressure repeatable casting process used to cast glass-filled or unfilled PA6 material, suited for prototype or low volume production parts, Using silicone or aluminum molds, we are pouring each monomer material in a heated state into the heated mold. Upon interaction, the polymerization process occurs in the shape of the part in the mold resulting in a virgin material part that has endured much less internal stresses than an injection molded part.

Using NylonMold, we provide our customers with prototype and production part with affordable tooling. NylonMold makes low volume complex plastic production parts possible.

NM Process Diagram.PNG
PD004 NM tool.png
FM013 Lower Tool NM.png
Tool Design

Our tool design engineers have more than 20 years of experience in tool design and warpage control. Our team has the capability to support tooling from rapid prototype builds to serial production tools.

We are not tied to specific manufacturing processes; we select the best solution for your product and utilize our network of partners around the world to build your tools based on your quality and cost requirements.

We provide you with German designed tools manufactured with our low-cost global partners.

Even with today’s more accurate warpage analysis tools, severe warpage can still result no matter the efforts taken in terms of material, mold design, and processing. We have the solution to mold parts correctly the first time – we use our unique methodology on every development project.


“Kentucky windage” is a term that refers to the correction made for wind conditions when aiming a firearm to hit the desired target. In a similar manner, our experienced team makes careful corrections and predicts warpage in the molding process by use of scientific adjustments in the tool design to hit your part`s dimensional requirements. 

Using plastic injection molding simulation software, we predict the warpage from the original design and then apply the windage factor to compensate for deformation.

This results in a molded part in the desired shape.

Injection Molding

Our expertise is to develop the most cost-effective and highest performing product. We do this by utilizing the most appropriate manufacturing method. With our scientific molding practices, we have arranged a high level injection molding facility to provide the highest quality molded plastic parts.

Accompanying our injection molding, we provide linear vibration, ultrasonic and spin welding as part of our full assembly services to our customers.

Our net results a high quality, finished product packaged and ready for retail or customer assembly.


We develop the product to be manufactured with the process most suited for the application and requirements. Utilizing our flexible production assembly lines, we are able to adapt to the process of each product while maintaining our optimized production efficiency and IATF quality standards to provide on-time delivery.

  • Injection Molding

  • NylonMold (nylon casting)

  • Carbon Fiber

  • Linear Vibration Welding

  • Spin Welding

  • Sonic Welding

  • Automatic Heat Staking

  • Laser Etching

  • Hot Stamping

  • Leak Test

  • Burst Test

  • CMM Inspection

  • Vacuum Station

  • Serialization

  • Personalized Packaging

Halle Panorama.jpg

Through our Performance Design brand, we offer design, development, and manufacturing of carbon fiber and composite components and assemblies.  We specialize in high-temperature structural components, we build short run carbon parts that many struggle with. Out of necessity to support intake manifold components, we have developed unique closed mold, autoclave integrity processes for difficult to tool parts.

  • Round and non-round structural tubing

  • Lightweight and strong

  • Thin wall (1mm or less possible)

  • Organic shapes are possible

  • Braided carbon sleeving; No seam along the length of tube

Performance Parts

We have in-house expertise to help develop performance products that make horsepower, torque, or both and tailor the final product to meet performance specifications.  Outside of intake manifolds we can build your develop and build your vehicle aero components, engine components, underhood systems, and interior components.

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